• December 19, 2013



The experience and existence of DCP as market leader in telecommunication tower raises trust from one of the largest manufacturers in oil & gas, Total E & P. Besides operating in Indonesia, Multinational company Total E&P is also operating in more than 130 countries. This French company has even become an important player in international oil & gas industry, and becomes the fifth-largest oil & gas company in the world (www.total.com / en). This DCP Project that was obtained by tender has a great prestige, considering the big name of Total E&P as a leading multinational company.

For additional information, Total E & P oil production is about 100 thousand barrels per day (bpd) and 2,600 million cubic feet of gas per day. From this amount, approximately 13% of total gas production is allocated to meet the needs of industrial gas fertilizers, ammonia, and electricity. The gas allocation for domestic increasingly enlarged to 25% in 2013. Total E&P is also allocating 25 million mt of gas to be processed in Badak LNG plant in Bontang, East Kalimantan. The cooperation between DCP with Total E&P is becoming a pride, and indirectly proving that Indonesian domestic manufacturers such as DCP is able to accommodate the needs of infrastructure with international standards.

In this EPC project, DCP handles telecommunication tower construction include demolition and construction work carried out in Senipah tower, East Kalimantan. For the construction completion of this tower, DCP supply steel materials for heavy-type tower with a height of 110 meters which is used for Total E&P communication system at site, with a total project value 4.5 billion rupiah.