• October 20, 2016

img-20161019-wa0000          35 thousand MW program is a strategic project of government to build power plants up to 35,000 MW until 2019 including transmission line and substation infrastructure tren required. 35 thousand MW program aims to fulfil the electricity needs of the people in Indonesia. That still in ratio of electricity recently approx. 87% (source ESDM press release data 2016 & RUPTL 2016) to be increase up to 97% as target in 2020. To realize and accelerate the implement of transmission line infrastructure need, PLN with reference to PERMENPERIN No.15/M-IND/PER/3/2016, have sucesfully selected 14 (fourteen) domestic tower fabricator img-20161019-wa0002to secure increasing TKDN by government and to eficient achievement program by PLN through scheme selective provider list (DPT).

           On date 17 October 2016, held PLN head quarter offer signing contract ceremony between DCP’s director Mr. JE Sendjaja and PLN head quarter become agreement to support procurement process for tower infrastructure materials.

          As first program become commited bulk order recerved by DCP for year 2016/2017 as consistent awarded having amount approx IDR 192,5 Billion (including TAX).

          Thank you for trust and opportunity given from PT. PLN (Persero) as the owner of the project, which allowed us to participate in the list of selected providers PLN.