If you need further information about our products or any information, you can contact us and we are very please to help you. You can contact us by email or by using the following address:

Board Director, Marketing & Sales Office
Jl. Panjang Jiwo 58, Surabaya 60299
East Java – Indonesia
Phone. +6231-843-3166, 841-8288
Fax.      +6231-841-1371,843-3186

General Inquiries Email :

Marketing, Sales, Tender & Proposal Email :

Jakarta Representative Office
Jl. Bangka Raya 53E, Pela Mampang
South Jakarta 12720 – Indonesia
Phone. +6221-717-94036
Fax.      +6221-717-94034

Legal Address & Factory I
Jl. Mastrip IX/ KM 07, Waru Gunung, Karang Pilang,
Surabaya 60221, East Java – Indonesia
Phone. +6231-766-0492, 767-0163
Fax.      +6231-766-5482

Factory II
Jl. Wringin Anom KM 37, Kedung Anyar,
Gresik, East Java – Indonesia
Phone. +6231-7000-7110

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