Dutacipta Pakarperkasa was established in 1982 as steel fabricator company with many projects in all province in Indonesia. With 120.000 m2 factory area in Waru Gunung and expansion 300.000 m2 area in Kedung Anyar, with total employee 1500 persons. Our product vary from Light to Heavy Steel Structure “with total production capacity 136,000 ton/year” such as Transmission Line, Telecommunication Towers, Bridges, High Rise Building, Power Plant Structures, Conveyor, Steel Platework Manufacturing, and Finishing Facilities such as Hot Dip Galvanizing & Shot Blasting. We also produce Innovative product such as Modular House & Modular Parking.

Philosophy DCP

DCP philosophy is a philosophy that is applied in every process within the DCP, which contains the spirit, vision, perspective and principles in the work and achieve a future full of success.

Vision and Mission


To become Indonesia’s leading manufacturer of steel industry product and services, from the downstream business to the upstream business


To lead the nation’s downstream market of steel industry and moving towards the upstream business in order to gain a competitive edge in supply chain

One Body, One Vision

One Body One Vision

One Body One VisionĀ is an initiative program from DCP director and management, which aims to strengthen members faith in Bukit Jaya Group corporate identity. One Body One Vision begins with determination of the core business and Bukit jaya Group vision mission. Furthermore, One Body One Vision was developed by three spirits which are:

1. The spirit of Repetition

Always repeats the contents of One Body One Vision, which they are include the core business, vision and mission of Bukit Jaya Group and its affiliate companies

2. The spirit of Curious

From the first point above, expected that each individual should create a spirit in each other to always find out more about Vision One One Body

3. The spirit of evolution

After having both spirits above, then the individual is expected to have passion for creativity to develop One Body One Vision program, so the program can continuously evolving. Creativity in this context is in the positive meaning and can be started from a little.

Created by Dr. Winnie Louis Lee


Quality Policy

We are commit to fulfill our vision and mission by active and continuously improve :

Strive for high quality operations to deliver products and services beyond international standard.

Human Resource
Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement throughout the company.

Customer Satisfaction
Strive to exceed customer expectations to achieve optimum customer satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Contribute positively to the nation’s economic and community services.